Terms & Conditions

How it works

1 – Select the apartment in which you would like to stay and fill out the request form. As an alternative, you can contact us through the request form or via email at the following address: info@pariseasyhome.com and we will assist you finding what you are looking for.

2 - Within just a few hours you will be contacted by a member of our staff, who will either confirm the availability and the all included price of the selected apartment or will assist you finding an apartment that meets your needs.

3 - Once the availability of the selected apartment has been confirmed, you will receive the rental agreement and the payment instructions. Note: in order to guarantee your reservation, you must first send the signed contract (via post or a scanned copy via fax) and then make the down-payment as specified (see paragraph titled “Methods of Payment”).

4 – Following the receipt of the signed contract and of the down-payment, you will receive the contact information of the person who will welcome you in Paris: Note that the check-in is between the hours of 3.00 pm and 7.00 pm; if your arrival time is different from the scheduled check-in times, you must make arrangements with your contact person. Arrivals after 8.00 pm might be subjected to a supplemental fee of 50 euros.

5 - During the check-in, carried out by our welcoming representative, you will receive keys to the apartment, inspect the apartment’s conditions (“état des lieux de entrée”) with the representative, and complete the payment due

6 - The only further financial obligations that you are responsible for during your stay (for rentals of more than one month), are the regular rental and electricity/gas/phone (if any call extra forfait) payments (as outlined in the rental agreement).

7 - At least three days before quitting the apartment, you must contact your welcoming representative to arrange an appointment for your check out.

8 - After your departure your security deposit will be returned. If necessary, the costs for reparation of damages or additional cleaning (because the apartment was not left in a state considered “satisfactory”) will be deducted from the security deposit amount before its return.
Note that check-out must be completed by 10.30 am.
Departure hours that do not coincide with this time must be arranged with the check-out. representative.


In addition to the prices listed in the apartments’ description, you must add the following:
- Agency Fee
- Contribution for occupancy tax
- Utility costs for the consumption of electricity, gas and telephone (see paragraph titled “Additional Expenses”)
- Additional services requested at the time of or following the reservation
- Banking or credit card fees, if paying by a method other than cash or bank money transfer done within Europe.

The final price will be the definitive price; we will not add any additional costs to the total.
The final cost will be based on all requested services.

Important Information


Tenants are recommended to purchase an home insurance policy. We have researched the policies, prices and services offered by most insurance companies and negotiated with them in order to guarantee the best benefits for you.
If you are interested you can ask us to give you the prices and the conditions of the insurances that we selecterd or search for an alternative that you prefer.

Cancellation or termination

For rentals of less than 90 days, it is also possible to purchase an insurance option protecting against possible cancellation or termination of the stay in line with the conditions provided for in the policy (serious illness, accident, death, severe damage to one’s home, loss of job, job relocation, and labor strikes). This contract guarantees the restitution of paid monies and unpaid rental payments of up to a maximum of 15,000.00 euro. Specify on the request form if you are interested in this option and we will provide you with the cost and send you the necessary information in order to enroll. This option is not available for stays exceeding 3 months.
For stays exceeding 90 days or for shorter stays for which the insurance option was available but not purchased, the down payment will be forfeit in the event of cancellation before tenant’s entry in the apartment.
In the event of termination of the stay following the entrance in the apartment, the tenant must communicate his/her intention by recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery (certified mail with return receipt) at least 2 months prior to the date of termination, during which time the tenant will be responsible for making the required rental payments.

Agency fee

Paris Easy Home charges fees (VAT included), based on the length of the rental period and the price of the rent.
The exact amount of these fees is communicated with the availability confirmation.
In principle, for secondary residence lease agreements, the agency fees will be a fix amount of 200€ + up to 35% of the rent for periods from 4 to 40 days; + up to 25% of the rent from 41 days to 3 months; +up to 20% of the rent for periods from 3 to 5 months; + up to 18% of the rent for periods from 5 to 6 months; up to +16% for more than 6 months.
For primary residence lease agreements, the agency fees charged to the tenants are 12€/sqm (VAT).


The down-payment is equal to 50% of the total rental price for rental periods shorter than a month. It is equal to agency fees for reservations longer than a month.
The amount due at the check-in (other than the security deposit) is either equal to the remaining 50% of the total (for rental periods shorter than a month) or it is equal to the first month rent (for reservation longer than a month).

Security deposit

Security deposit amounts, payment of which is required prior to or at the moment of entry in the apartment, vary according to the length of the stay.
- for periods of less than one month, the amount is communicated during the availability confirmation.
- for periods of 1 to 5 months, the amount is equal to 1 month’s rent
- for periods exceeding 5 months, the amount is equal to 2 months’ rent
In the absence of damage and/or any outstanding accounts, most likelyhe security deposit will be returned within 5 working days following the end of the stay (by law the security deposit has to be returned within a month after the end of the stay) using the same method of payment by which it was made, minus any banking or PayPal fees applied to bank transfer or credit card payments.
The security deposit does not accrue interest.

Rental payment

For rental periods of less than 1 month, the rental amount must be paid in full prior to entering the apartment (down payment upon booking and the balance at entry). For rental periods exceeding 1 month, the outstanding balance (the difference between the reservation deposit and the first rental payment amount) must be paid at the time of entry.
Rental payments will be paid on a monthly basis thereafter.
Under no circumstances will the security deposit be accepted instead of the final rental payment.

Additional expenses

- Utilities: utility costs for the consumption of electricity, gas and telephone (if used) will be tallied into a final sum and settled upon completion of the stay.
For rental periods exceeding 1 month, tenants will be notified of the amount due and payments will be made on a regular basis with the monthly rent. For rental periods of less than 1 month, utility fees will be calculated based on the readings of the meter counters at the time of both entry and exit and settled at the time of check-out.


The tenant is required to leave the apartment in a satisfactory state of cleanliness at the end of the rental period. Dishes must be washed and put away, and trash must be disposed of. If any of these conditions are unmet, a surcharge will be added to the final balance. The surcharge amount will be calculated based on the amount of time required in order to restore the apartment to a level of cleanliness suitable for a new rental.
- Additional Services: costs related to any additional services (eg, shuttle to/from airport, weekly cleaning services, etc.) you decide to purchase at the time of or following booking.

Methods of payment

Payments can be made in one of the following ways:
- credit cards
- PayPal
- Bank money transfer
- Cash

Note: Your reservation will become effective only upon our receipt of the signed contract (1st step) and the required down-payment (second step).
To confirm receipt of payment, you can send the proof of transfer to Paris Easy Home via post or fax.
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