Do you own an apartment in Paris and want to optimize its return quickly and securely while, at the same time, freeing yourself from the related burdens? You can rely on us to rent, renovate or sell your property. Choose the service you are interested in from the area reserved for owners!


We have three different offers from which owners can choose, depending on the desired degree of involvement in the rental management, on the expected financial return, and on how frequently the apartment is wanted for personal use.
Agency Option: we will photograph and list your apartment on our site free of charge. In addition, we will maintain relationships with the tenants until the signing of the rental contract, also free of charge; all subsequent activity related to the rental will be the responsibility of the owner.
Full Management Option: never worry about the management of the apartment rentals and receive rental payments directly in your bank account. The fee for this service is a percentage of the rental income and you may enjoy personal use of your apartment.
Guaranteed Income Option: In exchange for the opportunity to sublet your apartment, we will guarantee you a fixed monthly rental income, even if the apartment remains unlet. The income amount, evaluated on a case-by-case basis, can take either the form of a fixed monthly rate or a fixed sum plus a percentage of the concluded leases. The choice is yours.



Full Management

Guaranteed Income

a.  Photo and description of your apartment listed on our site

b.  International search for tenants among relocating professionals, foreign students and tourists

c.  Drawing up and signing of rental agreements

d.  Request of security deposits from tenants to protect against possible damages

e.  Coordination of tenant arrivals and departures and entry/exit inspections

f.  Maintaining tenant relations during the length of the rental agreements

g.  Liaising with condominium administration boards

h.  Management of apartment cleaning and maintenance

i.  Generation of financial statements

l.  Guaranteed returns


% on the rent revenue


*maintenance and staff expences not included


If you wish to renovate or make improvements of any type or size to your apartment, ParisEasyHome works with a network of professionals (architects, artisans and contractors) specialized in home accommodation, including optimization of smaller spaces.

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If you have decided to sell your apartment in Paris and want to be certain of a guaranteed profit, give us an exclusive (or non exclusive) sales mandate: We are constantly on the look-out for apartments for our clients. Our network of contacts and our proven experience in all phases of real estate sales will assist you in realizing a strong profit within a brief period of time.

Sell your apartment with us, you have a lot to gain…
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